Sam Adams has everyone singing his song at Bamboozle 2010 [Video]

I’m a little late with the video, but the message behind it is still good to go. Sam Adams performed at Bamboozle 2010 this year in New Jersey, and completely killed the show, as you will see in the video.

The guy is on a roll right now, and definitely knows who is fans are, and how to reach them.

I have been doing some research and hitting the blog sites in the Boston area, and from what I can see, they completely love him!

Every time he posts a new status update on Facebook he gets anywhere between 50-100 comments, and 200-300 Likes. That may seem a bit irrelevant to you, but in reality, that is quite an accomplishment.

Anyway, here is the video! Just listen to all the people singing his songs. How many are singing your songs like that???

Sam Adams

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