Nipsey Hussle makes his Skewln debut

Their calling him the next Snoop. I don’t know if he’s the next Snoop, but I know Nipsey Hussle has been dropping heat for a minute now.  I been trying to cover Nipsey for a while now ,but I’m just now getting a full chance to check out his body of work as a whole.

Nipsey Hussle born and raised in Los Angeles is an up coming star. He’s dropped a few mixtapes and made appearances on  major label records like Snoop Dogg’s Malice n Wonderland.

A few days ago Nipsey released his first single Feelin Myself featuring Lloyd off his up coming album South Central State of Mind . This is Nipsey’s first time on , and what a way to come out the gate.

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  1. Dominick Noriz says:

    Hell yeah!! nipsey hustle is ma duu b!!!!! i dont think he is the next snoop, as far as looks.. yeah, i dont know why they compare, hes more like a crip representing GAME!! nah mean, boy is nice as hell. Yo Mike, listen to that song called Killa feat Drake, that shit is dope b.

  2. Mike Real says:

    I’ve heard it

  3. Dominick Noriz says:

    ya that shit is dope son, and that track he got with cory gunz and lloyd banks. dude is the next!!

  4. Jay Wills says:

    Cory Gunz is nice too!

  5. Mike Real says:

    There’s going to be a lot more Nipsey on here, middle of the week I will drop another , Thanks for supporting homie

  6. Dominick Noriz says:

    anytime, just keep coming out with them fire articles and blogs and i got yall on some viewers.

  7. Nipsey is in his own lane.. Snoop paved the way for a lot of west coast rappers but there is no comparison.. Nipsey is doing it his way and even though the stories may seem the same.. The emotions are always different.. Killa is a kush track as well as We Gang Bangin’ and They Roll ft Game are some good tracks as well.. As I said before he’s def a breath of fresh air for Cali.. I’ll be interested to see how far he goes in the industry of today.. Check out Strapped dude bangs hard as hell..

  8. Dominick Noriz says:

    Fuck a breath of fresh air for cali…. Dude is a breath of fresh air for Hip-Hop PERIOD!! lol… That video is a banger, shit is official son.

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