Fort Worth Untied: Fort Worth Go Fed Mic Pass – Featuring 18 Artist Reppin Fort Worth Texas

You know the saying “Everything in Texas is done big”. Well, they wasn’t lying. Vahid hit me up this week with a mega track that was uniting the whole city of Fort Worth.

We’re in a time in hip hop where everybody seems to be beefing with somebody. Collabo’s happen, but it seems at time its hard to get the dope emcees to come together. Thats what makes this event even more special.

18 rappers from the city of Fort Worth joined forces to put the city on the map. Not one, two or three emcees, 18 of them! Sounds crazy right? I haven’t seen a collabo this big since The Game’s One Blood remix.

Line Up: Vahid, Cas Iron, King Corleone, Hugo Da Boss, M.E., Sticki, Chef Da Kid, Prada Vey Da Prince, Willstrumentals, Kilo Artefact, Mallie G’s, Yung B, Redd, Mr.Dubb, C2six, J-Champ, Big Tex The Grinda, and Milad

I reached out to get some feedback on what the hell was going  on down there in Texas:

“This song came about unity for the hip hop scene in Fort Worth Texas. Making a statement that artist in fort worth can work together to put the city on the map and make a Hit that not only the people in Fort Worth will know and love, but out of towners would regonize the movement in Fort Worth, Texas. Houston as well as Dallas, Texas has made a big name in the rap game…Their neighbor “Fort Worth Texas” is here to stay and say To Everyone…”Fort Worth Is Up to Bat and We Got Now!!” – Vahid Haddad

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  1. Jay Wills says:

    One of the best collabs I have ever heard.

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