50 cent & Game to Reunite ???

It’s no secret now, The Game wants a G-unit reunion. A day ago there was an explosion on Twitter over the thoughts of 50 cent and Game reuniting. Game reached out to 50 on twitter and expressed his feelings to unite. Now, if you remember five years ago when the beef was at its peak, there’s no way you would think this would ever happen, but let’s rewind.

Back in 2004-2005 the two went their separate ways. I not going to waste time talking about why, because quite frankly its all speculation. It seems like every time a different interviewer ask the question “what happened” there’s always a different answer. I can be unfair and take sides, but what will be the point of that in this matter.

The facts are the facts in this matter, and the facts are the two sides have damaged each other severely. I’m sure 50 cent would never agree with that statement, but Game has made that clear in recent interviews and I actually agree with him. Let’s take a look at the numbers, when G-unit was popping you had 50 cent selling 10+ million records with Get Rich or Die Tryin. The first project from Lloyd and Buck did millions. The debut album for Game did 5 million+ including 586,000 copies in the first week.

Now, let’s look at the numbers since and in the mist of the G-Unot epic campaign.  In the mist of this epic beef Game drops another album entitled  Doctor’s Advocate. This was the first moment to see if Game could do it without G-unit. Well the project did well going on to sell 3 million +, but let’s not get a head of ourselves.

After all the smoke cleared, Game’s LAX did no where near what his frist two albums did and you could start to see the shifting a little bit. If we move to the present, The Game’s R.E.D. Album has been pushed back more then a prostitute pushes ass back. To be honest I personally think the album has been pushed, because he doesn’t have a hit record. Thats not to say Game doesn’t make good music cause I’m a fan of Game’s, but this is the music business. If you don’t have a hit record you don’t have an album point, blank , period.

When you look back at 50 now you may say to yourself  50 made 100+ million off  Vitamin Water. Thats an amazing accomplishment but we’re not talking about that. Thats personal investment. Let’s take a close look at his last few years music wise.

We all remember the battle between him and Kanye West where they went head to head.  50 cent lost! That in it self  is disappointment to say the least. Let’s put it in to prospective, on one side you have the big bad wolf aka straight gangster in 50 cent. On the other side you have the tight pants, very feminine Kanye West. Enough said… But to be fair the Curtis album sold almost 700k in the first week.

700k in one week is still not a bad number, but this was only the beginning. As you see 50 took a hit, not to mention his artists Banks, and Buck took a hit.  Lloyd Banks Rotten Apple flopped! Young Buck’s Buck the World Flopped! The most surprising one of them all is  50′s latest album Before I Self Destruct …FLOP! The album selling 160k in the first week is a disaster of epic proportion for 50 cent make no mistake about it. From a man who a few years back sold 1.15 million copies in four days.

Coming full circle you have The Game who can’t get his album out due to failure to produce a hit record. And you have 50 cent coming off his lowest point of his career. There’s no question they hurt each other over the years. The numbers show that, but do they need each other? Maybe they do or maybe they don’t. Me personally I commend Game for being the bigger man and putting his feelings in the open, but with that said enough of all the lovie dovey BS.

Hip hop is still a competition and a business. I think Game should forget about going backwards and trying to re-spark flames from 2005. The man has a talented Black Wall Street roster with dope artists like X.O and Juice which we feature here on Skewln.com. As far as 50 I think he should continue doing what he’s been doing lately which is rebuilding his image. Leave the “Suge Knight” era in the past and stay focused on the New 50 Cent campaign. His artist Lloyd Banks is surging for the first time in a half a decade, so for both 50 and Game …Stay forced!

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