Nitty Scott, MC Headed to Jay-z’s Roc Nation [RUMOR]

Word on the streets is Nitty Scott may be headed to Jay-z’s Roc Nation. I’m a huge Nitty Scott supporter but I hope for her sake this rumor is not true. Roc Nation may sound like a great opportunity, but is it really the best fit for the 20 year old backpacker?

Rihanna is a huge star, I’m aware of the fact that millions of folks out there would love to tap that ass. I get all that, but the truth is RiRi is not moving units like you would expect, and because of it we continue to see her image get trashier and trashier.

The last thing I want to see is Nitty Scott get into a position where she is forced to move units. I would hate to see Nitty turn into some type of super Hollywood gimmick. Although she is very attractive I don’t particularly want to see her damn near naked every time I see her on a magazine cover, or on a YouTube video. There’s nothing wrong with a little sexiness, we all love that, especially us grown ass adults. With that said it’s important for Nitty Scott stay true to herself and her fans. is an Indie website. We cover the Indie artists, so of course it’s a little bias of me to want her to stay Indie. I enjoy her music along with covering her. Let’s look at some potential landing spots for Nitty Scott.

  • Interscope – Has done very well with letting the artist be the artist. For example, Lady Gaga, Eminem, 50 Cent
  • Def Jam – As I’ve stated before, the presentation may turn into a gimmick Allah Rick Ross.
  • Atlantic – Another label that allows their artists to express themselves freely. B.o.B is a great example of that. Wiz Khalifa as well.
  • Koch Records (Now E1 Music) – Currently the largest independent Indie Record label in the United States. If Nitty Scott wants to stay 100% true to her base, I think  E1 Music would be the best fit for her and BoomBox family movement.

The rumors are the rumors. We don’t know what Nitty Scott is going to do. We wish her the best throughout this process. If anything new pops up we’re be on it. Keep it locked with

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