There Are A Lot of Haters On Rapper Sam Adams Facebook Page

This morning I wake up and start going through my normal routine. I’m on facebook and I see this post from rapper Sam Adams that said, “BANG BANG SAMMY GANG”.

My first thought was that Sam had just watched the classic video of Gillie Da Kid going at Beanie Sigel on the radio. In the video the two rappers are going back and forth with one another, and Gillie starts yelling “BANG BANG ANYWHERE GANG”.

While I’m not exactly sure at this point what Sammy Adams is referring to, I can bet that it’s no where near what Gillie was referring to.

So, I’m reading the 76 comments that were left on the status and all I see is a bunch of hate. Comments like:

  • Mac Miller is better
  • Webby
  • Sam Adams is a sellout
  • Etc….

While I am 100% for freedom of speech, what’s interesting is that you have to Like the Fan page in order to comment. So you mean to tell me that you went out of your way to “like” the page, just to sell out? Once commenter actually said, “I liked this page just to diss Sam Adams”. Pretty interesting.

I’m not sure what has been happening with Sam Adams and his rap career, but you aren’t seeing his face on many of the sites like you used to. And it seems like he is getting more negative feedback on his facebook page than the other rappers he is constantly compared to.

Chris Webby, for instance, gets a ton of positive comments on his page. Rarely do I see a bunch of negative comments on a status update. His fans are very supportive; almost cult like. While Mac Miller is no stranger to negative feedback, there are more “most dope” comments than hate.

Don’t get me wrong, having over 300,000 Facebook Likes does come with haters, but Sammy isn’t getting any love from the major sites. Chris Webby is all over Datpiff and the indie blogs, and Mac Miller is…everywhere.

Maybe the Boston Boy’s luck will change once he starts to release more music…

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